Intel Above Board PS/PC RTC support

I decided to make public my work on Intel Above Board PS/PC RTC support:

Intel Above Board PS/PC card photo

So far I had lots of fun using Ghidra to disassemble original Intel driver. I did my best to format and clearly label functions and data structures and generally follow the logic along. WinMerge is a fantastic tool for spotting the differences between binary files. I left labes as lXXX, where XXX is the label address in hexadecimal.

Next, I want to:

  • convert repetitive code blocks into macros;
  • consider optimizing out inefficiencies to shave some bytes from the 1280 bytes that Intel driver occupies in base memory;
  • consider converting to NASM/YASM or JWASM, so driver can be built without DosBox and MASM 5.1;
  • develop stand-alone getclock/setclock DOS programs to keep the time accurate without the use of driver.