Monitor repair

Someone trashed a monitor. I took it home. It is a discontinued Insignia 24” LED 1920x1080 monitor from 2013. Model name is NS-24EM51A14.

Plugging it showed no signs of life. I disassembled it. Thankfully it was very easy. It uses snap-in bezel and some duct tape to keep stuff together inside.

As I was disassembling it, I noticed a loose flat ribbon cable, but thought it’s just something for diagnostics. I removed the metal shield box, and in it was power supply and main boards. I checked power supply for blown fuse or leaking electrolytes, but didn’t find any issues. Then it dawned on me, I checked the bezel and found it had a control PCB in it with a connector for small flat ribbon cable! I reapplied sticky metal and duct tape as it was before, reconnected the cable to the bezel, and snapped bezel back. Tested the monitor and it works!

POST screen from my ALR Flyer VL 486DX/2 50MHz computer

Vendor's label on the back

Sadly it’s not a great monitor. Poorly built, with horrible stand, as expected from Bestbuy’s store brand stuff. In it’s hey days it sold for 120$ and was 80$ on sale. I’ll be lucky to get 20$ for it. But since my awesome Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW is loosing brightness fast, I may even end up using it.