Dell Optiplex GX110 riser upgrade

I few weeks ago I bought a Dell Optiplex GX110 tower for 5$ from a church garage sale at Bathurst and College. It is a very late i810E chipset based computer that supports Coppermine Pentium 3 and Celeron CPUs natively. I have a top of the line Tualatin Pentium 3-S 1.4GHz with 512KB L2 cache in Upgradeware Slocket, so I was really hoping it will have a Slot 1 version of motherboard and a riser with ISA slots. Unfortunately it was a Socket 370 motherboard and 1424d riser with 5 PCI slots. I ended up buying on eBay a brand new 0524d riser with 5 PCI and 4 ISA slots, only two are shared. Price plus delivery was an obscene 80$, more then many modern budget motherboards. I also upgraded a 733EB Coppermine P3 to a 1000EB. I got it for 5$ from my favorite computer junk store. I hope to eventually either find a Lin-Lin Tualatin Socket 370 adapter I bought long time ago or do a pin mod on Tualatin CPU directly, so I can run it with 1.4GHz P3-S. On the down side, i810E only supports up to 512MB of RAM. It’s not a big issue, since it will be running DOS and Windows 98 SE.

1424d riser with 5 PCI slots

0524d riser with 5 PCI and 4 ISA slots