bdecli v1.0.5 release

bdecli v1.0.5 release is available for download. bdecli is a Borland Database Engine command-line configuration tool.

Changes since v1.0.4:

  • changed license from Apache 2.0 to GPLv3;
  • fixed warnings from vs2019 and cppcheck 1.87;
  • rewrote bde_fqn() for better memory management;
  • executable files are now compiled with vs2019;
  • executable files now have a Windows resource block with an icon and a version number.

bdecli is an updated version of idapi32cfg 1.0.0 I released back in April 2010. It has two serious bugs fixed: 75cb743 and 4a48981. If you use idapi32cfg 1.0.0, please update it to bdecli v1.0.5.